Voice of Hope Church

Focusing on Testimony, Prayer, and Love in Action

Core Values

Authenticity -- Ongoing desire to honestly express who we are

Love and Grace -- We seek to put the needs of others ahead of our own and cherish God and His people. We seek to extend grace and forgiveness to all.

Balance – We strive to achieve the balance reflected in the character of our God:  Holy yet grace-filled, just yet forgiving, hating sin yet loving all people.

Integrity and Accuracy -- We seek to walk our talk, to keep our actions matching our words. We seek to accurately represent the Scriptures.

Family  -- We place importance on maintaining familial relationships and making the family of God a priority.

Service -- We seek to follow Jesus' example by loving, serving, and helping others.

Prayer -- We seek to take everything in our lives to God in prayer; in thanksgiving, in worship, and in requests.

Humor/Fun  -- We seek to include humor and fun in all we do.