Voice of Hope Church

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Nicole Gonzales

Office Administrator                            


Here are some tidbits about Nicole. Enjoy!

Family: I have a loving & adorable husband Mitch and three awesome kids. Nathaniel is currently exploring the thought of going back to College, for his degree.  Kimberlyn is a senior at Wayland Union High School and is currently employed at Harding's Market. She was also accepted into Lake Michigan College, for conceptual art and design. Janie is in the 5th grade at Pine Street Elementary. We also have 2 dogs. Rusty is my Australian Shepherd, he's 11 years old and he rarely leaves my side. Trixi is a Black Lab German Shepherd mix, she's a big baby but such a sweet dog. 

Favorite Food: Coke, Live Wire Mountain Dew and anything made of chocolate minus the nuts.

Previous Employment: Church Administrative Assistant, before that I worked as a press operator at Center Manufacturing

A book that has inspired you and why: "Not a Fan" The book and the small group helped me learn to grow and walk in my faith.

Verse in the Bible that has been significant:   It is not just 1 verse but the whole chapter of 1 Corinthians 13. Love is patient, love is kind. I look at my husband and I realize just how patient and kind he is to me. Then I look at my children, and I can't help but being filled with Love and peace.

A truth about God that amazes you: He knew me before I even existed

The reason you love Voice of Hope: I was given the chance to grow as a christian. To be what Christ wants me to be.

When did God open your eyes to Him: I was 16 years old when I lost my girlfriend in a car accident. She and her sisters were so excited for some skit they were doing in their church. I told them I would come watch the rehearsal. Before they could pick me up I was called into work. I remember hearing the accident come over the scanner. I froze, I knew she was gone, only later did I find out her sister also passed away, along with a little girl who took my place. That little girl passed away that night. I knew in that moment, There was a reason for me to be alive, I had a purpose, I just did not know what that was until 8 years ago.

If everyone would just love each other as Christ loved the church the world would be a better place.

Jer. 29:11